Três Movimentos Que Te Conquista Fácil
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Ah ah ah ah Devagarin

3 movimentos que te conquista fasim

3 movimentos que te conquista fasim

Jogo cabelo do sorrisinho sarro no Pal com a mão no joelinho
Aí ai saro no Pal com a mão no joelinho

Dozabri pra que comer assim vai de vagar devagarim

O th pra que comer assim vá de vagar só vai devagarim

O Dozabri pra que comer assim vai de vagar devagarim

Ah ah ah ah Devagarim


DJ Dozabri

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of MC Dricka's song "Três Movimentos Que Te Conquista Fácil" convey a playful and seductive vibe, symbolized by the repetition of the word "ah" at the beginning of the song. The phrase "3 movimentos que te conquista facil" translates to "3 movements that conquer you easily," suggesting that the artist knows exactly how to win over their target with just a few actions. This sets the tone for the rest of the song, hinting at a confident and assertive approach to seduction.

The imagery painted in the lyrics shifts to a scene where the singer is engaging in a flirtatious interaction, playing with their hair and flashing a mischievous grin while placing their hand on their knee. This combination of playful gestures and body language is a common tactic used in flirting and seduction, adding depth to the narrative of the song. The repetition of the phrase "saro no Pal com a mão no joelinho" reinforces the idea of teasing and provocation.

As the lyrics progress, the artist introduces the characters of DJ Th and DJ Dozabri, potentially signaling a collaboration or a party setting where the music is being played. The mention of "Dozabri pra que comer assim vai de vagar devagarim" can be interpreted as a metaphor for taking things slow and savoring the moment, rather than rushing into desires or actions. This gradual buildup of tension and anticipation aligns with the theme of seduction and allure present throughout the song.

In conclusion, "Três Movimentos Que Te Conquista Fácil" captures a moment of flirtation and seduction, showcasing how small gestures and subtle moves can lead to a powerful impact. The lyrics blend playful imagery with a sense of confidence and control, creating a dynamic narrative that immerses the listener in the world of the song. By dissecting the nuances of body language, pacing, and collaboration, MC Dricka crafts a compelling story of attraction and intrigue in this track.

Written by: Dj TH, Dj Dozabri, Mc Dricka

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