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Fumaça subindo calcinha decendo
Brisada de laça tudo com o rabo tremendo
festinha na lancha hoje e tudo liberado
revoada em vegas ta tudo liberado

o que acontece em vegas, fica em vegas
me arrasta pra o morro que eu te levo pras ideias

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Mc Dricka & DJ LC MARTINS's song Vegas are about a wild and freeing party atmosphere. The first line, "Fumaça subindo calcinha decendo," translates to "Smoke rising, panties falling," and sets the tone for the song. The next line, "Brisada de laça tudo com o rabo tremendo," roughly means "Everyone's high, their butts shaking in lace." The verses describe a party on a boat and how everything is allowed there, with a chorus that repeats "o que acontece em vegas, fica em vegas," or "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

It's clear that the song is about partying and letting loose, with an emphasis on living in the moment and not worrying about the consequences. The final line, "me arrasta pra o morro que eu te levo pras ideias," means "drag me to the hill and I'll take you to ideas," which could be interpreted as encouraging the listener to explore new experiences.

Overall, the lyrics of Vegas are meant to convey a sense of carefree abandon and living in the moment. The party atmosphere is wild and anything goes, with a sense of recklessness and indulgence.

Line by Line Meaning

Written by: Mc Dricka, Mc Picles, MK no Beat

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