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The Mic Sounds Nice

Forgive them Lord for they know not what they spit
All lucky contestants on the mic sounds nice, but they get
Or we have a beat for one time wonder hit
And a “how to play it off if you make a live blunder kit”
And the winner for the ninth time in a row
Doom, I owe it to a well refined rhyme flow
Now if you don’t mind, dough
Find me where the limes grow
With a fine dime,
fill in the blanks
Still no necklace, mill in the bank
Grill stay blank,
not to be critical but ill they stank
Maybe give them thanks from the steel grade shank
Hold that, put the mic down ya luck’s up
Don’t let it touch the ground and shut the…
buckle up it’s the law fool
Stay calm like you got pulled over with the raw
If he had thick hair like Ric Flair (checkin?)
Wouldn’t know if hoes really cared for the…
Lyrical skills that’s how they judge it
Trick the deals until they take it out the budget
Fudge it like the numbers on the number one Billboard hit
And still be bored as…
it could be worse this verse a no rehearse
Doom’ll snatch the mic like “no me first”
They get sloppy seconds after we stop wreckin'
And they had a choppy check in
Then they ripped the beat like a surgery botched
A hurter he murder flows,
Doom off the crotch
I’ll be back in two and two, watch the clock
They thought we had Koch, how ya block got blotch
Another notch on the Glock
His own stock in the strip club
Free scotch on the rocks beoyotchh!

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