Don't Go
Mad Caddies Lyrics

I saw your face in a photo today
Took me back to a time that I loved so
One thing remains that still gives me pain
The fact that I never got to say don't go

Don't go (x3)

Dark days fell upon this town that year
I remember the sordid talk and tears
A scarlet letter was sewn onto you long ago
But the way you felt no one will ever know
I turn on the radio and that song would play
Oh how the irony when I look back on that day

Don't go (x3)

Late at night you would tell me that it would all be fine
Realized that our doubts weren't just mine
We would sit and contemplate just what to do
But I never thought it would be without you
Turn on the radio and that song would play
Oh how the irony when I look back on that day

Don't go (x3)

Now you're gone so I'll say our lives you changed
And I know my friend that I'll see you once again

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Comments from YouTube:

Camille Gallus

How ironic my love now you are gone.... don't go.


nah, derrick plourde was the drummer..., the bassist is alive and well lol I just saw him perform!


yooouu aree thee beeest i love u<3 :D

Nicholas Phipps-Evans

i luv how the song "dont go" is on the album "keep it goin" that made me laugh a lil.

Zaire Pernia



Loving this track!! next to their song drinking for 11! (= drinking for 11 or a living?? hmmm


@skinnyhurley Derrick Ploude, the drummer of Lagwagon is the band member that died


sweet reggae on e of the highlights of the las t album!!!!


20-20.08.10 on highfield (leipzig) :D Great.

William Wilson

These guys just became my most favorite band ever.

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