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Souls for Sale
by Mad Caddies

There's something different in the world today
Looking for the words but I can't explain
I feel the worst is drawing near, feeding on our fear
Another cry from a broken home
Another soul that will walk alone
I said just one more life that will be swept away
And this is the price we pay

From the hills of California to the streets of Berlin
to the clubs in London town
Tell me where our souls have gone
and where can they be found
All the way to Venezuela down to Sao Paulo
then back up to Montreal
Tell me where have our souls gone
and where they can be found

Picked up the paper and I read this morning
Another twenty people dead no warning
Bombs go off and ignite the hate globally
It perpetuates the air is thick and the skies are burning
As the war machine keeps on turning
Just one more life that will be swept away
and this is the price we pay


We drop a rhythm so we feel alright
Open our minds so we let in the light
I wanna feel love I wanna feel love I want to feel it tonight
We keep it moving so we don't get lost
Release the pressure so our our hearts don't pop
Keep looking forward to a brand new day
Where we don't have to say


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