Powder Blue
Madness Lyrics

We've listened to so many records
I've smoked so many fags
There's still a bottle of wine in one of them carrier bags
The world is spinning
Slowly outside in Holloway
The birds have started singing
So can't we just stay

On and off the sofa
The candles nearly out
Our pop star friends have all gone home
Or maybe just out and about
And I can feel you dreaming
And I'm dreaming of you
Together slowly drifting
Into the powder blue
La la la la la
La la la la la la
Aretha Franklin playing
Ann singing along, quite quietly
She knows the whole song
And all the backing vocals
In a dreamy kind of way
The birds have started singing
So can't we just stay?
Can't we just stay?
The world is giving up
And there's just me and you
Together slowly drifting into the powder blue
Into the powder blue.

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Comments from YouTube:

Matthew J Hill

This song takes a few listens but it really grows on you :)

Hobo on Heroine

well at least they dont try to re-live the past, i think its an amazing and mature change they made. cause lets be honoust they arent the youngest anymore.


Nostalgic !


Like it.

David Topham

Life is short live for the moment

Peter Sinclair

Love it


The ending scares me to death

Arno Moro

hang on, listen to Radiohead :)


@MrSlaughteredlamb nothing wrong with reliving the past if ur churning out this type of tripe, imo!!



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