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Mahoromatic Lyrics

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That adjective thing with the patrons is very Stan Lee.

Sam Thomas

@Talon Abram Yea, been using flixzone for since november myself =)

Jay Girgis

what ep is that at 5:07?

The Canipa Effect

I change them every video and I get the feeling I'm going to start running out of good ones.


I'm I the only one that writes all the names of every animator/director to actually learn about the industry? It's thanks to you that I enjoy watching anime so much!

NG Chloe

A someone who has an interest in the industry and dreams of one day having his own series, I'm extremely grateful to your videos


Watched it, loved it. Although like Gigguk said, the narrative had the potential, but it was butchered. There's one thing I was really absorbed in during the movie was Yuna's movement. I don't know who animates her parts but I can definitely say they felt very smooth and eye-catching. Like a real idol

Classroom Productions

After reading through the comments, I feel as though the hate for SAO in general is affecting the opinion about the animation. Animation and narrative are completely different things, one can be trash and the other could be pretty good


@JoshIsHere well if you enjoyed it I ain't gonna discuss it any further with you


@onlyLeo... thats your opinion the show has a over all good rating and i think the action sequence was good, and the story also.

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