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Mamadou Diabate Lyrics

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Word. Life is a symphony... You are a song... Everything is a unique song. Music = Vibration = Life, Creation.

But don't think - submerge yourself in music, let it flow through you, talk to you, reveal mysteries beyond what can be conveyed by words...

Or simply enjoy!! :)

I have the greatest respect for Kora and the associated deep culture & tradition... Though I am very new to it.
But you can hear... There is depth, wisdom of centuries....
Or am I just imagining everything?

Any recommendations? I basically only know Sona Jobarthé so far, no other artists...

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Milica Bulatovic

I am so in love with this music and Africa. I am a girl from Serbia, but somehow I feel this in my heart and soul.


Wonderful. You need to check the origin of your ancestors. The result may surprise you.

From mali 🇲🇱

Thank you from to mali 🇲🇱✊🏽🔥


We love you too @Milica

Karim Trabelssi

You welcome

Dusan Milovanovic

Draga Milice, evo me u Maliju i slušam ih svaku noć. I mene je Afrika vukla sebi od malena, i na kraju smo se sreli i hvala joj što me je primila u naručje. Narod je divan, priroda još lepša, ja poslom vezan za tu lepotu uživam...

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I will never forget when I listened to this album for the first time in a bookstore, 20 years ago. They had these CD player stands where you could listen to an album that was chosen by the store while standing up. I always loved world music and the moment I hit play I couldn't believe my ears. It was my first encounter with Mamadou Diabate's work and I will always carry that moment with me, because it was pure magic. I stayed there till the end of the album and went there many times till they removed the album from the stand (it was extremely expensive for me to buy the album at the time). Thank you bookstore worker for choosing this album, and thank you Mamadou for such an amazing work of art.

Jonny Reyes Reyes

Your welcome. 💕


I worked at a record store for 5 years and I always noticed when someone spent a long time at a listening station and I always tried to let them have their space, even if they were not likely to buy something. Discovery and enjoyment of music is magical and can help bring people together.


And they said downloading was killing the music business. It was listening stations at bookstores all along!

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