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Angel Easy
by Man

Thought my feet were on the ground
Till I heard that angel sound
He's a loner and a real mean cat
Only angels play like that
I know you've heard of King Creole
He got nuthin on that easy roll

Opened up on Adams farm
Broke in mountains and then moved on
I have heard some people say
He got booked back to play Doomsday

What's his name?
Angel easy
Brought the ice age played it so cool
Played Atlantis, blew it apart
Angel easy, see what you've done
It is timeless, you are the one


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Comments from YouTube:


Rock'and'Roll é pra quem merece!!

Essencial Kah


Susan Moran

And apparently few of these bands eve got air time , at that time on British television.

Kay Holmes

You are so right! I first heard of them through some of our sixth formers playing their music in our school art club! It was never on radio or TV.


Fanny is the opposite of them. Would have been cool if they toured together.

Kay Holmes

Totally agree. Fanny were excellent... I think they'd have got on great, too. Despite the name (Fanny)... they were feminists before the term was in general use.

Bohland Rainer

👍and they had a good light Show too

Kay Holmes

Many of the bands of that era relied on the music and light shows. They weren't bothered too much about how thet looked as individuals... in my opinion, a much more humane approach to how we should live our lives. Superficiality? Pah!

Karl Sinclair

I'm not familiar with their work, but know of them. Clearly a good band though!

Karl Sinclair

@Kay Holmes thank you so much for coming back to me. I really appreciated it. I like all types of music, all of the above and more. 👍

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