It Is As It Must Be
Man Lyrics

Take a naked carrot, eat it
Let it sink in slow
Let it sit down in your belly
Everybody know
Television ads would tell you
All they feed is good
Make you fat to fill their pockets
Don't believe a word

All the world they love their warring
Though they know the rules
Sell us guns to kill each other
Take us for a fool
All the world they loves a lover
Lock their woman back
Look at me am I another
Another loving Jack?

Politicians stand corruption
Hide behind the law
Working man got no protection
Struggle on the floor
Income tax he try to kill me
Do his legal bit
Grab his pound of rotting flesh
For governmental shit

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Comments from YouTube:


I was there when this album was recorded!


Just as heavy as anything by Black Sabbath.


i heard this on the radio tonight and i thought it was something new. great song. these guys must've been ahead of their time.

Simon Hunter

Absolutely awesome
Ist 6 albums are good too
and Clive John's album

fmtf niuprog

The guitar riff Inspired by the Doors "Five to One"!

Low Life1

Brilliant band, they should have been soooooo much bigger than they were vastly underrated, each album sounded so different from each other but all tremendously tremendous

micky oc

Man oh man what a superb band a bunch of brilliant musicians and mad men funking awesome!


just awesome, love this band since I saw them life in Holland in the 70ties... What an experience..

jacques laurencot

Just Stumbled onto these guys... Great Band... I'm 51... It;s like being in a candy store.... Brilliant Classic Rock.

Spyridon Kaprinis

2:05+ = \m/

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