FM Dial Style
Man Overboard Lyrics

Let's go home.
To a place we can call our own,
we can live there together,
be in love forever
and never have to be alone.

Would you try? Or would you leave me for some other guy?

I have been sitting without you
just thinking about you
When you wake up you will call me
and I will tell you that I miss you so.
and wishing you were here inside.

When you wake up you will call me
and I will tell you that I miss you so.
I make records so that when I'm gone
you can hear me on your stereo.

Love. I think were in love.

I'm so tired, since I met you
I'm always inspired.
I think I could change the world if you were really my girl
and we would have all we desired.

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Comments from YouTube:

Jon Compton

i love this song :)

Stephen Simms

<3 <3 <3 <3

metal slime

Loving this


Brandon Ortiz no you’re not

Jozeline Alvarenga

Does it move anyone else that the same sort of melody in the solo of FM Dial Style was used in I saw Behemoth and it ruled? So it's connecting the two songs and really giving context to the pain of splitting when originally they were supposed to be "in love forever."
Or it was just another case of the guitarist liking a similar melody because it's just his style and it was not meant to be anything more than that.

pop punk?!

Nice observation. I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled was actually meant to be on the record, but it didn't make it.

Gaylord Butts

awhh yeea zero dislikes

Taylor Memmott

Hmmm...didn't realize Weezer was writing songs for MOB.




This is Green Day...