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Man Overboard Lyrics

You could say one of two thing:
Call me sometime or let's hang out.
Or maybe I could help you out.

Stop acting like you'll ever see me again,
and like I don't have you figured out.

I understand how it works.
On paper, we are similar people.
I understand how it works.
On paper, we are similar people.

But we're different people.

You are tearing down walls I built
until they scraped the sky.
So tell your wrecking crew,
I welcome you.

When the days slow down this summer don't forget.
I did two years in your silhouette.
Your jaws of steel never forgave.
Its haunting, the way silence sounded.

If I fucked up long ago, I'm sorry,
I didn't realize it counted.
I didn't realize it counted.
I didn't realize it counted.

It just wouldn't work out,
that's what I am telling myself.
That we're just two different people.

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Comments from YouTube:

Jameson Jeffery

On paper, we're similar people. But we're different people.

Filip Svozil

I found this band recently listened two albums and they deserve lot more recognition my new favorite band

Christina Hanson

When I first started listening to Man Overboard, I really didn't like them. But then I started listening more and more and every time I hear one of their songs I love them more and more. Definitely a new favorite band. Seeing them in a few weeks with TSSF. So stoked.


This song always reminded me of someone I had a history with, we flirted with the idea of getting together but it never amounted to anything. On paper, we were similar people - similar interests, with similar personalities, but in reality, we were too different to be anything but a drama-filled disaster together.

Carlos López

my fav MO album

Failing Novelist

So catchy ❤️

charlie grager

My band is gonna cover this song :D

Alicia Hughes

This album definitely cemented their place in the genre of pop-punk. I love this album.

Nikki Nitemare

Oh wow... I'm so in love with the vocals. <3 As a singer myself and lyrics writer... I give you guys an A ++ :D


Theeee best lyrics.

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