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Abandoned North Mine
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

The Chill Gaurdian

I love how it manages to sound intimidating yet goofy at the same time. It’s fitting for the Gorons.

The Ostrich is an angry keyboard warrior 🤣

Oh hey it's the Chill Guardian! Did Link use the friendly Guardian glitch on you?

Cobra Commander

Yes i was thinking the same thing.


when you sit in a hot car

Spike 32

And the seatbelts+steering wheel are too hot to touch

Polar Bear

Whilst waiting for your mum to pop back from the shop

Bean with legs

I like the song it’s really catchy


When I first got here I was confused because i was burning even though I had flame breaker armor but I didn’t realized for the abandoned north mine you needed 2 pieces

Caleb Productions

I managed to save Yunobo without wearing the fireproof armor.

NicholasDaisy Awesomeness

@Lisa Wiwsoniski same first time I played but after that I knew and still know how to solve the problem. You use one of The Boss's canons

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