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Battle : Original Soundtrack Ver.
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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I never noticed that cello(forgive me if I got that wrong I'm a percussionist) in the background but now that I have I can't unhear it, it's so clean sounding
Edit: thanks ig I was right?

Music Yak

@Ratchet exactly. No way you could sound so sharp and rounded on a double bass.

Music Yak

As a Violist I can confirm. You are correct. That is a cello.


@Cipherion Better words: Contrabasses lack sharpness.


@Nonchalantree I hear mostly cello. Cellos have a much more sharper tone especially in the lower ranges. The contrabasses sound a little muted.


@Nonchalantree Ah thanks, that was what I was referring to. I’m not too familiar with the orchestra side of music...

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lance //

Stasis, attack
stasis, attack
stasis, attack
stasis, attak
stasis, attacc


Alex Olivers

Flurry rush my man


I loved it when i defeated the first lynel for electric arrows

Cece Games

trying to sneak steal some Shock arrows
Music starts playing
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Jumps off Shatterback point with no regrets

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