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Breath of The Wild Main Theme
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Audrey Fraley

100th time reply for this theme song

I kinda finally understand why it hits me this hard, partially bc when you spent so much time with Link and finished his journey it feels like you lived your life through the game,so when ending theme starts it feels like a retrospect of your whole life
Who doesnt get emotional when its the end of their life and their whole life flashes in front of them

Im soon to staet TOTK
I just wanna hear botw one more time

Thank you Link

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Zachary Corjuc

Although I love the energetic theme for Tears of the Kingdom, there’s something about Breath of the Wild’s theme that still invokes a feeling of sweet sorrow 6 years later; that’s a powerful theme that I had to listen to one last time!


The word you are looking for is serenity.


TotK is that reckless child that can't sit in place for more than 2 seconds and jumps to adventure whenever given the chance, while BotW is the older sibling who's calmer and more laid back than their sibling with a darker backstory

Merp Mep

@Neth sans and papyrus

im sorry


@Merp Mep ☠️☠️☠️

Yickle my Pickle

@Neth While I do find this funny and agree, I also see it from a more story driven perspective:

In BOTW you are ridden with amnesia, the world you knew is unrecognizable, and you feel alone. You are nothing but a legend or myth to the people who know about you and everyone else could give a damn.

In TOTK you’re kinda well-known, and if you have played BOTW you know the map and the people so it’s not so unfamiliar anymore; you’re confident.

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Frederick Glass

3 days till TOTK drops and this theme still gets me emotional 6 years later...


brother i am crying listening to it i getchu


Now that it’s been a few weeks, how does the new opening theme make you feel

Frederick Glass

@Aurockson I felt like i was watching a metaphorical child grow up. Smile a mile wide and tears of joy

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