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Goron City
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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The lyrics are frequently found in the comments by searching or by filtering for lyric videos
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Perfect for when you're running into the town at max speed, eating every single thing in your inventory hoping to the Goddess that the armor shop isn't closed like at Zora's Domain.
Then you enter the shop, and see the Goron's perfect reaction.

- I'd like to buy

Worth it, man.

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This sounds like the theme of a fat cat




I know what you did


No wonder it always reminds me of my friend’s cat


I can see the cat waddling to the music so they can go get food


aren't gorons just that?

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This sounds like somebody just discovered that trombones have a slide


No, K.L. King's marches sound like he just discovered the slide. This sounds like the trombones protested until they got a part that was just trombone falls.


They do?


@@datdudetrent8938 at the beggining they play the same note but then there starts to be more variety

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