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Great Plateau
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I spent 6 hours in the great plateau, just gathering butterflies and hunting and what not, and it was the most peaceful thing i have experienced in a very long time

Washington airsoft

when i first played zelda i was clueless on how to get to the cryonis shrine so i spent a good 4 months


Ye i spent like 20 min on the plateau and i was enjoying every sec of it


@Washington airsoft nice dont we all i spent on the plateau 1 year

Washington airsoft

@or yeah… I was not too experienced in video games… It was my first third person open world game. Whenever I go back there it’s super nostalgic. I later got a switch and was able to beat it in about 20 mins.

I was bad at the game.


I spent 15 hours in it just walking around and exploring. I remember when the Great Plateau was all I needed from this game.

Samuel Arrowood

It's very interesting how just the first few notes of a song can send shivers down your spine...


:) listened to this while making some simmered fruits!




Nostalgia time

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