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Hyrule Castle
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Maky Tondr

Love that “low health” sound effect on top of Zelda’s Lullaby, signifying that the princess can’t hold off Ganon much longer.

Ant0 Edits stuff! :D


Jirtini Wolf Studios

Antowlartandfun Bianco Around 1:24 you can hear beeping in the background that sounds similar to the low health sound effect.
(Old comment, but it’s similar to the ALttP sound effect if you’re curious.)

Ant0 Edits stuff! :D

@Jirtini Wolf Studios thank you


CrazyLazyMonkey u on


Yeah I can see that - the organ in the background is playing and repeats and pivots on high notes that make it sound like that. I doubt it was intentional, did not notice it until I saw your comment, but it’s still a neat concept to think about.

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The feels when you enter Zeldas study and find a single silent princess growing in the rubble after watching the memory of Zelda explaining that she can't figure out how to make the flower grow.

Ace of Shades

I know, right? The amount of detail put into this game is almost unmatched by anything I've ever seen. Rivals the Holy Bible itself in terms of nuances and things like that.


I did not take that silent princess when I saw it there. This game.


I picked it why tf not lol

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