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Link's Memories: "Blades of the Yiga"
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Willow Rodriguez

I remember reading from Zelda's diary her thoughts about this scene. Through the music you can hear Zelda's realization that Link was truly selfless. Even after her repeated outbursts against him, he still wanted to protect her and fulfill his duty. Even at the end when the main theme remains unfinished, their relationship, their duties, also remained unfinished. Truly beautiful, honestly

akaito [retired]

0:18 Feels combined with Nostalgia


0:18 is like an instant shot of nostalgia for everything zelda related and also it’s so beautiful and adds a ton of emotion into this memory


You can hear they'r smooth footsteps!! Nintendo I LOVE YOU this is so TENSE AND EMOTIONAL


0:18 is the song I’ve been looking for since I saw this memory


0:18 instant goosebumps EVERYTIME


Can someone please make an extended version

Jennifer Benedict

Someone did:

Hufflepuff Of Time

When I first watched this memory, I got goosebumps.  Its sweet, its epic, its sad, its everything


i think that the unfininshed theme directly correlates to link and zelda's unfinished roles

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