Lost Woods
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Andrew Huang farewell, my young companion pray tell oh when will you retu…
Ephixa Running through the woods And without a map Listen to the …
Ephixa feat. None Like Joshua Running through the woods And without a map Listen to the …

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flarn2006 I think they mean Skyward Swords Guardians.

You can't kill those. Scary fucks can go through walls and one hit forces you to start the trial over again, from the beginning, so have fun collecting more tears while you have terrifying music tagging along.
PS: Don't step into waking water, get spotted by the poes' lights or take too long between Tears. "They" will come for you

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Mark van Rijswijk

I like how they exaggerated the dynamics of the piano, so that you sometimes get the feeling something is coming, because the volume is getting up. Very nice.

The amazing cat wizard

Like the fog but there are two methods of getting past the fog and not get sucked up like a vacuum
1: run back a bit

The amazing cat wizard

Btw here’s a tip: you can see the fog thicken but not have the volume go louder or have it soround you

Tetra G

A beautiful variety of beat stress and syncopation 💙💜💚


BaBa That's a bad tip lol, you just have to follow the way the wind is blowing.

The amazing cat wizard

T3TRA I know that, it’s just that this is a meme.
(Btw how did I get this many likes lol)

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When it's your first day of college and you're trying to find the room your class is in.

The pro gamer 2006


Moises Corral

You should always go the day before.



It's not as bad as you're thinking. Tbh, I like it better than high school.

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