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Master Kohga Battle
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


The most disappointing thing about Master Kohga in BOTW is not that he was easy, not that he was a joke of a boss and comedic buffoon, no.

The most disappointing thing about him was we didn't get to hear his stupendous voice actor voice his lines like we did in Age of Calamity.

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Chuunosuke (The Squishiest Lawyer)

He's not intimidating in the slightest, but damn, he's got an amazing battle theme.


Phantomhive He's more charming

Starbrand Fan

Total Trash Mammal Not every villain needs to be intimidating to be good, this guy proves that.


Total Trash Mammal Tf you mean he scares the shit out of me he moves so damn fast lmao


He's weaker than the field yiga tbh

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Kyle Grace

"HAHAHA! Soon you'll be gone!...and not just from my line of sight!"

This guy was a comedic gem. Such an entertaining fight!




His essence was absorbed by the long shrine.

Samuel Cho

@beeftastesliketoenails and now he's back


He's going to kill us all to death!

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