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Omen Of The Blood Moon
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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p. Bageljuice

dude, i actually got a blood moon in thyphlo ruins twice by complete accident

the second time was today, i was sort of just messing around and guess i decided to see if i was allowed to glide in from the above........ i was sort of curious since i know thyphlo ruins is its own area while it looks pitch black from the outside and the lost woods prevents you from gliding in from the top, and sure enough i ended up in there

i fought the hinox again and noticed a really spooky big red thing and realized it was the blood moon rising, it freaked me out

the first time it happened was when i was actually doing the shrine quest which was a nightmare

funny story, my silly inexperienced self didn't actually notice the weird orb thing the hinox had was connected to the platform or had any connection to it in general, i just thought the hinox was in the ruins as a spooky little trap or something and that the shrine would actually be fully visible wherever it was, so i beat it up and just sort of ended up wandering around in darkness desperately trying to find a shrine

at some point during the time between that and me getting so tired i looked online for clues i noticed the weird malice effect which sort of overlapped with the flame particles and then a blood moon happened which i just thought was hilarious at the time, but then i learned the hinox was guarding a key and i had to go all the way back to find it and kill it again

i admit wandering in there for hours until the atmosphere began seriously freaking me out and to the point the labyrinth music became scary to me was kind of a cool and immersive experience overall, but i was not the happiest of campers after the whole ordeal


“It rises once again,
In this very night,
It’s sinister glow,
Fills all with fright .”

“It looms in the sky,
Painting it red,
So be careful,
Or you’ll end up dead.”

“Monsters once slain by the hero,
Are reborn once more,
Relentless and vengeful,
From the power of the malevolent boar.”

“The shadows grow,
And hope begins to fade,
As reincarnated beasts,
Begin their raid.”

“Oh chosen hero of Hyrule, heed this warning,
Stay alert and vigilant,
Until the morning.”

Stealth Element

My first blood moon: I was just outside of Kakariko, I looked up at the sky.


I saw its blood drip into the clouds and air, converting everything to a dark shadow.


I thought I was going to see some sort of blood themed monsters

I listened to the music starting to slowly deteriorate into chaos

I thought I was gonna die IRL that scared me.

Thuy H

The blood moon rises once again.
Be careful, link

Oh how I was scared when I first heard this theme
I just heard the legend from impa and when I noticed red flakes I thought this is for hearing the legend
And then when I opened the doors the cutscene happened
Pure. Coincidence.

Edit: I remember thinking the village was attacked by calamity Gannon or malice

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That's a nice Lynel Corpse you got there.
Wouldn't it be a shame if
were to

SubZero Gaming

@Jimmy John Joe Jr. same with goddamn divine beasts

Joseph Miller

@koide stalynel


Same 😱😱😱😱😱


@DandyDoondin yes

Aidan DeLeon

please dont remind me of the first time the blood moon actually mattered

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When I first encountered this theme, I thought I was too slow in beating Ganon, I thought this due to the game constantly shouting at you like GO BEAT GANON NOW GO GO GO, i thought the world was ending like in Majora's mask lol.

Novus Talks

I thought every enemy in the world was after me


@a spooky french fry connoisseur God if that was a thing in the game, that would be pretty dark and scary.

Felix Crentist

Literally same lol

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