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To Tarrey Town
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Benjamin Timberlake

Timestamps for each race's theme:

Gerudo Town Theme (Harp / Strings): 0:05 - 0:11 0:53 - 0:58 1:24 - 1:34
Death Mountain Theme (Trombone):  0:16 - 0:21 0:48 - 1:00 1:12 - 1:22
Hateno Theme (Flute / Violin): 0:21 - 0:26 0:36 - 0:48 1:11 - 1:14
Rito Village (Clarinet):  0:23 - 0:35 1:00 - 1:10
Zora's Domain (Guitar):   [Plays throughout the entire song]

Note: The song loops at (1:35) and (3:11). Since its just the same thing, I only did from 0:00 to 1:35.

Let me know if I missed anything!

All comments from YouTube:


I gave my heart to build this town. It was the best side mission


Better than main story change my mind.


loved this side mission. especially the marriage part.. but not the wood part. i felt horrible bombing all the trees in hateno every day 😂

Adam Holloway

@MajoraVideos same they felt like home whilst the others felt like settlements you found


I loved tarrey town and hateno the most because I felt personally involved in each of them

Eric Severin


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a poetic image of hope in a video game before.

In full view of the Akkala Citadel, where the kingdom of Hyrule fought its last battle, A wedding ceremony takes place.

Individuals from all over Hyrule are gathered here, in a town built by their own hands. They have found what they were looking for, be it purpose, opportunity, or love.

Ganon’s sheer power means very little to the people of Tarrey Town.

larry plant

@Awerenj female names can end in son

Miguel Mello

@Awerenj Ganon…dorfson?

Patricia VanBoham

@Awerenj ganonson😂

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