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Yiga Clan Hideout
Manaka Kataoka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I love how they turned the hideout into a sort of vilage place similar to gerudo town where you have to wear specific clothes to get in but this time instead of just kicking you out they violently assult you


Same. hilarious. you forget to put your trousers on even once and welp. fighting time.


I just wish they assaulted you in the hideout like in Breath of the wild. That was so much better then being forced to fight like 3 guys outside.


@@Geo-ku1qlFr but that shi was scary 😭


What if link actually want to be a yiga for a little…they don’t even give him a chance to explain 😭


@@claire_and_laynee well he is their archenemy but at least there's one guy who's too stupid to remember link and is chill

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I love the slight silliness in it, makes it so much fun to sneak around


Perfectly reflects their nature. On-work they’re ruthless, but when alone together, they’re absolute goofballs. They named a car with spikes the “Gloomdredger” to make it sound menacing. They have a dedication, but a sense of wit and goof


I love the Yiga Clan. They are so goofy. I used to be scared of them in BotW when I was like 10…but now they’re my bros, we hang out regularly (and literally). Master Kohga is like my dad 😊


Glory to master Kohga

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