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The Events of 100 Years Ago
Manaka Kataoka & Hajime Wakai Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Strix 36 (Worthless)

I like this theme... I dunno why it sounds underrated...
it felt Important...

Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin

I love it too friendo

Alexis Chan Lopez

Yeah, because its the theme of the story of a tragedy that must not be forgotten.


C’est une de mes musiques préférées de ce jeu.

Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin

I agree

Blue Quartz Dragon

The piano at the beginning is beautiful

Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin

It’s so emotional 😢

Xavier Pinet

0:00 link to the past reference if anyone one remembers;)


do you know if there is a piano tutorial?

Miles The Dirty Minded Goblin

There should be some online

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