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Open the Gates
by Manilla Road

1st Verse
Before the walls come crumbling
Down around our feet;
Before the empires fall
And hell enslaves the free;
Before our time runs out
The spells must soon be cast,
We'll raise the banners high
And storm the gates at last.
Tonight we fight.
The Norns decide our fate.
Fight well in Hell!
Open the Gates!
2nd verse
This night the Gates of Hell
Come crashing to the ground.
The sword Excalibur
Was lost but now is found.
Arthur does rise again,
The Dragon Lord of old.
Just like the Bards have said
In all the tales they told.
Tonight we fight.
The Norns decide our fate.
Fight well in Hell!
Open the Gates!


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keep cool

└📁Manilla Road
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Juan Rial

ROFL, nice one! :D

Fernando Penalva


Luben Retrolletarios

rip mark shelton, one fo the most underrated musicians ever. He hasnt even got a wikipedia page! And all of you fans of great metal, let your neighbours hear clearily the brilliance of this man! Never forgotten!

Qays S

@Juan Rial Yet roses will blossom,
and violets still grow.
To Venusian seas
The Shark will go.

Juan Rial

@Mary Proud But the roses have wilted
The violets have dried
Mark has passed on
And oh, how we cried...


another internet idiot with the underrated syndrome spotted out


geia sou re pextoura troletarie me a videakia pou anevazis se ixa kopsi oti eise trelo alani

Arthur Brotzmeier

Sorry for the late reply! I am sharing your thoughts about his music and the influence it had on people - in this case you. It's a pity you didn't get the chance to tell him that yourself and get to konow him as the kind and funny person he was. He truly stands out among so many others.

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