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Mike Matheny
by Marc Goone

Mike Matheny
Marc Goone

Every single day, I wake up think im trippin
All the mary jane, I steadily be rippin
Can't keep my head on straight
I got no one to blame
Everythang that I been givin
Still I'm making bad decisions

Bad decisions, bad decisions
Most these rappers claim to fuck attractive bitches
I woke up next to shit stained pair of massive britches
Heard a woman flush the toilet and yell that was vicious
She waddled in said can you scratch this rash it itches
Pulled down her pants i swear it smelled like trash and fishes
But K said thats delicious, ate that pussy popped some pills
Jerked off to oprah, accidently came when they showed dr phil
Hop in the whip im doing 80
The twelve behind me tryna chase me
They finally caught me then they taze me
They lock me up but that dont phase me
Post that bail I swear man I just need some weed to hit
Dealer doesnt answer so i order off the internet
Feds kick down my door, say they wouldn't wanna be me
I been making bad decisions, mike matheny

Bad decisions, I been makin them
Pulled this bad bitch from the club said where you stayin friend
She said leggo to my place yo my ex I stay with him
That sounded shady but I wanted sex the state I'm in
We drove off deep into the woods then she said hey come in
Tryna get deep into that puss so I said ok then
Only then, did i hear the voice say joy, what kinda boy you brought?
There was a man, holding a chainsaw, standing next to a boiling pot
I tried to run but then my legs froze
She said strip off your clothes we'll take those
We gonna cook you up all day tho
And then we'll serve you with potatoes
Smacked me over the head, said tomorrow youll be our food
But when i came to they said sorry, we didn't realize you were marc goone
Huh, then my fans apologized for tryna eat me
I been making bad decisions, mike matheny

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Adam Morgan

You're awesome make more music!

Jonny VeP

gotta keep it real G i forgot your name. and spent 2 hours trying to find this song 3 years later haha. i checked out your channel but last video is 11 months old. you posting music on a diffrent site? or touring or someshit right now?? wassup with you bro

jason cormier

@Vampiuh™ bet u do.

WeedZ Khalifa

Sooooo dope, dude♡


Love this shit

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I think ~ I just came


@Marco. Privat MARCO!!

Jack Anderson-Martin

Why? I don't see Dr. Phil...

TB Spins


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