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Nothing 2 Lose
by Marc Goone

Nothing 2 lose
Marc Goone
I been trippin rippin durban sippin bourbon bitch im swervin what it do
‘hind this curtain burnt out burdened can't be certain but i may have lost a screw
Better listen when they tell you, dont fuck with him he got nothin to lose
Ain't well and so no tellin what the hell i might be liable to do

Self exiled to my cage
I swear my mind ain't been right since my momma passed away, yeah yeah
Could not tell you what today is
I flip between indifferent and indignant in a daze, yeah yeah
Try not do too much thinkin
Cuz I'm just one lil nudge away from going off the deep end, yeah yeah yeah
I'm like one lil step away
Pick up tomorrows paper my mugshot on the front page, yeah yeah
Pain splayed on the pages im paintin with cadence
Im paving the way to be peyton the greatest while slaving away with no pay and no wages
My banking check savings is laden with statements im late on my payments
That say that it pays to be patient dont say shit ive patiently waited
With blatant frustration the same conversations insatiable cravings
Have made me sensational maven of cadence amazing with phrases
Get praise from all races but basically racin my face as it ages
I lay with my face down im faced with my daemons
I can't shake my mommas face in the late stages
Im chasin the same shit been chasin for ages
The sages would say that my brain has forsaken me drained of my saneness

I may just go rob me a bank
I may just go ghost to a coast or the mountains and flush all this shit down the drain
I may just go hunt down mufuckas that wronged me then kill em and cross out they name
I may just let go let myself lose control and go full fucking sadam hussein, yeah yeah
I'm just barely hanging on now
Look me in my face I swear you can't tell nothing wrong now, yeah yeah yeah
But be wary when you say my name
Got nothin to lose (got nothin to lose), but I sure got a whole lot to gain

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Comments from YouTube:

ShaggyBoy Gaming

bruh i just found you but im recommending all your music to my friends. realest shit ive heard in awhile.


ShaggyBoy Gaming you should check out Ryan caraveo if you haven't already!!


On Repeat: carter 2 medley & nothing 2 lose

Recent songs have been fire - The Scrumple King is going to be marvelous. 

Amir Algahiem

stick to cod this wack




if cavemen never existed you would have invented fire with this track :D

Kranio Logic

XenTyler this song is great


why thank u ernest


that was dank



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