Margot D.R Lyrics

Hello? Hey mom, it's me mom
Can't tell you where I sleep mom
'Cause that's where we be mom
Sometimes I steal and cheat mom

Yes, I get enough to eat mom
Mom, can you listen to me?
No! I don't mess with guns
Yes in my travels I have seen one
No, being a runaway is no fun
But house rules sure were not fun
Something told me to

(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
And I don't care now
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
Cause we don't get out
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
I packed my things now
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
Fuck this shit right now, I'm checking out
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
(Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!)

Hey dad, I'm o.k. dad, that's what you say dad
I never could obey dad
You would have bad days dad
And you would make me pay dad make me feel way sad

Punk rock, tattoos, leather jacket
Good grades don't come with that package
Yes why'all I would love to match it
But names just make it harder to hack it by


Don't let your teachers teach you about wealth to death
Maybe there's something else (I'm checking out)
Don't let Massah teach you that we are by ourselves
'Cause trust me there's something else (I'm checking out)

Oh la la la, la la, la la - la la la, la la, la la
Shh...maybe there's something else (I'm checking out)
See we're not part of the Magna Charta
There's no shuttle for us to charter

No...they're keeping it for themselves (I'm checking out)
My ex-girlfriend I'm trying
And her new boyfriend I'd fight him
And what about my cousins?

Tell 'em that I love 'em
I'm not perfect nor facetious
But at home I've felt fearless
Your son completely hate less

Turn to BBC you should see this
A thousand heads


I woke up thinking something (I'm checking out) (jump!)
Wish I had it my way (jump!)
Though I'm a rebel some can say (I'm checking out) (jump!)
I'm told it's neither (jump! jump! jump!)
(I'm checking out)
(I'm checking out)

{*scratched*} N-E-are-D

Astrounaut suits by the BBC! - [Repeat until fade]

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Comments from YouTube:

Taehyung not Taeoppa

V's part is the best I swear, I LUB YOUR VOICE AND COVERS

Soa Cna

I really like Yoongi’s part 😊

Samantha Fonseca

OMG! Is really amazing! I think Suga would be proud :D

Jiminie Kookie

Samantha Fonseca Your profile pic gives me life


@Margot D.R yeah i like it. <3

Margot D.R

thank you <3 

Silver Daimon

Man, I never thought I'd hear a cover of a BTS song like this. It a lot softer and the raps are sung, very much non hip hop like BTS ....and it's absolutely perfect. I love your voice too. I hope you keep it up.

New change unlisted_viewer

I've seen no one else brave enough to try V's part, it WAS AWESOME

Simply Said.

Can u do a english cover n of N.O or Boy In Love? Or maybe Just One Day? ♥

Margot D.R

thank you for the request ! ill think about it :)

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