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War Of Hormonse
Margot D.R Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Margot D.R:

"Her" I give her all my love That's all I do And if…
Her Ease my mind, with a little conversation Left me high on…
I Need U दोस्त है हम तोह ये बहाना क्यों प्यार है हमको यह…
I Need You If you change Change your mind If you think it's worth it Ju…
Jump Hello? Hey mom, it's me mom Can't tell you where I…
Let Me Know Talk to a mother who hates a nurse. Talk to a…
run 'Fore you go, yeah I wanna talk to you Thinking 'bout the…
Save Me This moment will last a lifetime, You always find the light…
Tomorrow 流した涙の河が溢れてる この河の主は君なのかな? 疲れた身体にムチを打ちつけて 向こう岸の景色見れずにいる 孤独に押し潰…

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Comments from YouTube:


at 1:25 i literally thought i went to heaven oml

ye et

bangtan tho you did


Sent it to my crush. He was receptive, thank you so much XD

Nikki Sumesh

Can't relate

Noyonika Dutta


ye et

Emma aww ~

Samantha Bruce


Syakir Haziq

0:00 to 2:03 , best part


Lorenzo Polo ii

Quynh Anh Nguyen

BTS needs to see this! Cause this girl got THE JAMS! This insfires me so much ^0^

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