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Mari Trini Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Mari Trini:

Amor de Los Cuarenta Tu cuerpo aún palpita, cuando se nombra el amor, pero aquéll…
Amores Amores se van marchando Como las olas del mar Amores los t…
Cuando Me Acaricias Cuando la lluvia cae Se funde el hielo Y cuando me acarici…
Milord Allez, venez, Milord! Vous asseoir à ma table; Il fait si …
Ne Me Quitte Pas Ne me quitte pas Il faut oublier Tout peut s'oublier Qui …
Si No Te Vas Con La Tarde Verás tú, cómo un rosal De la roca brota. Y verás tú,…
Te Amaré Te Amo Y Te Querré te amare, te amo y te querre a pesar de nuestra…
Te Quiero Con Locura De repente cantamos, Si brilla nuestro sol; Le robamos can…
Una Estrella en Mi Jardín Llego sin permiso la estrella de anta…
Yo Confieso Es la hora, yo confieso Y confieso a mi manera Al oído…
Yo No Soy Esa Yo no soy esa que tú te imaginas Una señorita…

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Comments from YouTube:


An amazing, comprehensive and engaging video. I learned so much!And to anyone reading this, dont forget to hydrate and get a snack. Take care of yourself 💛

Twin Rabbit

Hydration is always important.

Josh Ingram

I don't even know what to say other than this channel is one of the best things I've found on this website. Thank you for this work. Thank you for rooting your analysis in solidarity and highlighting the voices that are marginalized, erased, and all too often ignored. Thank you for giving me content that complicates and challenges some of the tools for liberation currently being pursued while helping me imagine how the beautiful world we're trying to build could look.

Just a Jumbled Reviewer

Something I appreciate about this video is your willingness to criticize other Youtubers, or at least talk about their work in a context that isn't just praise or citation. They're works of media, and even if a youtuber is independent, their work is worthy of analysis just as much as an academic work - it's not called a video ESSAY for nothing.

Twin Rabbit

No gods, no masters.

Nicholas Duncan

Woohoo! Always glad to see you upload! Looking forward to having my mind blown!

Dale Twokey

Very deep and inciteful comme~ I mean prayer that I read towards YouTube algo, in case just a thumbsup is not enough.
Hope it hears me.

Joe The Eurosquatter

Fuck the algorithm, and all of those who've compiled the code too.

Saint Andrew

I had to come back to this video cuz the outpouring of information is so fantastic👏🏽 I love how you bring the Caribbean into these conversations

The Following is a Test

Once again I am blown away by how you managed to take such dense subject matter and make it utterly captivating. As with your other videos, I sat down thinking "I'll watch this in sections" and instead just watched it straight through.

Also thank you so much for the bit about syncretism. I first learned about syncretism when studying pre-colonial Africa and was confused when in the last few years it was being talked about like it was a bad thing.

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