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Avengers Main Theme
Mariachi Entertainment System Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

marcos Figueroa

theme song for captain mexico

Mike Felix

@Roman Klein you mean "El Zorro" fox in spanish.

Nagato Ishimura

@Otaco Metálico araña Jr.

Harrison Lane

@Mikael Ore I see you are an American as well

Roman Klein

@Otaco Metálico Hey doesn't Mexico have El Zoro I think he's Awesome

Fat Nig

Mikael Ore no there is an actual capitan Mexico I just found about it was in some comics

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Commander Convoy

Original, yet nostalgic.
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Stan Lee bless you.


@Panzer what would be the cutoff year? I'm think 10 yrs. So 3 more yrs?


Avengers isnt old enough to be nostalgic....

Cosmic Gaijin

I can already hear everyone charging Thanos saying "Órale! Vamos a quitarle las puta piedras de ese esquinkle morado y mandarle a la chingada!" X,D

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