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Theme of Love
Mariachi Entertainment System Lyrics

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Jim Reeves I love to say I love you And hold you close…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

xSeYeRx Smash

ROSA: What happened? One second you're being sent to Mysidia, the next you're being sent off to kill some ghastly monsters. And you've been acting strange since you came back.

CECIL: No, it's nothing...

ROSA: Then please don't look away...

CECIL: In Mysidia... I killed innocent people, plundered their village, and stole their crystal, all for what?! Why did I do such a thing? It's as if my heart has become as dark as my armor!

ROSA: ...You're not like that.

[Cecil looks back at the wall.]

CECIL: I'm just a spineless Dark Knight, just a pawn of the King...

ROSA: The Cecil of the Red Wings I know would never whimper like that! Not the Cecil I love...

MAN ! THIS SONG makes me remember that epic scene of Final Fantasy IV

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Luis Barrios

Final Fantasy games will go beyond history and in our hearts :D

LCI. Héctor Arturo Barrios Reyes

I'm gonna keep playing those games Even if they reach to Final Fantasy XL ! Or to final fantasy 100

xSeYeRx Smash

Dude..those songs Will remain through Time and from generations and generations of gamers.


WOW Que hermosa versión quedo!!! se me enchinó la piel!!! Incluso me atrevería a decir que con esos arreglos supera a la original, en mariachi resalta más la composición y con esas trompetas se escucha MUY MUY bien!!!! Deberían compartirsela a Nobuo Uematsu seguro se sentirá honrado... les quedaron fantásticos los arreglos Muchas felicidades!! por esta canción compre su album!!!

xSeYeRx Smash

I love this SONG !.

Yo. I played your Theme of Love cover to my wife recently on St. Valentine and she adored it !!.

Maaaan that Trumpet gives me the Goosebumps. I can hear that you played that part with Lot of passion dude. Amazing !

Thanks to all of you !. You should make a World Tour to let everyone know your recent disc !.

LCI. Héctor Arturo Barrios Reyes

I'm recently started to play FF games due to a Friends suggestion. And I was Amazed to hear this on Mariachi !

Zweisamkeit Coleman

OMG!!! hasta me salieron lagrimas de escucharlo :'( Que Hermosa y sublime interpretación de FF IV. Muchas Felicidades por su gran trabajo.

Mike Ferry

MES can literally do nothing wrong. What a wonderful, heartfelt arrangement.

I'd love to hear you remake FF6's "Searchimg for Friends" in your signature style.

Gil Galindo Bucio

Si hay una canción de Final Fantasy que encajara bien con el mariachi, era esta. ¡Muy buen trabajo!


A beautiful performance, invoking nostalgia of my first JRPG or RPG in general. ¡Que bonito!

True story: I actually restarted this game on my first play-through during a certain negative scripted scene. I thought I could alter the outcome somehow.

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