Laat Me Vrij
Marianne Weber Lyrics

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Laat me vrij om te gaan want dit wil ik niet meer
Om jou woorden die raken mij steeds weer
'T is voorbij laat me vrij

Zonder jou ga ik door ik kan het zelf best aan
'K wil mijn vrijheid terug laat me gaan want
'T is voorbij laat me vrij
Laat me vrij en mijn gang maar gaan
Zoals jij ook altijd hebt gedaan
Laat me vrij
Laat me vrij want het leven lacht
Ik had meer van ons verwacht
Laat me vrij

Elke dag met jou is toch het zelfde lied
Wat ik zeg jij begrijpt mij nog steeds niet
'T is voorbij laat me vrij

Wil weer leven maar wel zoals ik dat nu wil
Ik heb al veel te lang deze rol gespeeld
'T is voorbij laat me vrij

Ik heb gedaan wat ik kon maar dat deed ik alleen
Ik wil jou niet langer meer om me heen
'T is voorbij laat me vrij

Na na na na
'T is voorbij o laat me vrij

Na na na na
'T is voorbij laat me vrij

Na na na na
'T is voorbij toe laat me vrij

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Marianne Weber's song "Laat Me Vrij" depict a sense of longing for freedom and independence in a relationship that has become suffocating and unfulfilling. The singer expresses a desire to break free from the constraints of their partner's words and expectations, emphasizing that it is time to move on and find their own path. The repeated refrain of "Laat me vrij" (Let me free) underscores the urgency and necessity of this liberation.

The singer acknowledges that they are capable of moving forward without their partner, asserting that they can handle things on their own and reclaim their lost freedom. The plea to be allowed to go reflects a deep yearning for autonomy and a need to rediscover oneself outside the confines of the relationship. There is a sense of determination and empowerment in the declaration that they want their freedom back, signaling a turning point in their journey towards self-discovery.

The lyrics also touch upon a sense of disappointment and unmet expectations within the relationship. The singer expresses a desire for a life where they can truly thrive and find happiness, all while lamenting the fact that their vision of a fulfilling partnership did not come to fruition. The theme of disillusionment is pervasive throughout the song, as the singer grapples with the realization that their hopes and dreams have not been realized within the confines of the relationship.

Ultimately, the song conveys a message of acceptance and moving forward towards a brighter future. The repeated refrains of "Laat me vrij" serve as a cathartic release, symbolizing the singer's resolve to break free from the past and embrace a new chapter in their life. The closing lines with the repeated "Na na na na 'T is voorbij toe laat me vrij" further emphasize the definitive end of this chapter in their life, signaling a sense of closure and a newfound sense of liberation.


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