Waarom Loog Je Tegen Mij
Marianne Weber Lyrics

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Waarom loog je tegen mij over alles wat je zei
Dit was echt de laatste keer 'k wil dit niet meer jij moet nu gaan

Ik wil niets meer van je horen jij bent mij voorgoed verloren
Dat is allemaal voorbij ik ben weer vrij voel me herboren

Ik kan nu doen wat ik wil al is het soms stil
Maar wat geeft het
Ik heb nu mijn vrijheid en voel weer blijheid zonder jou

Waarom loog je tegen mij over alles wat je zei
Dit was echt de laatste keer ik wil dit niet meer jij moet nu gaan

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Marianne Weber's song "Waarom Loog Je Tegen Mij" delve into themes of betrayal, deceit, liberation, and self-empowerment. The singer confronts a person who has consistently lied to them and questions why they were deceived about everything that was said. This betrayal has reached a breaking point for the singer, as they declare that this will be the final time such dishonesty will be tolerated, demanding the person to leave.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the emotional impact of being lied to and the desire to sever ties with the deceitful individual. The singer expresses a strong desire to cut off all communication with this person, declaring that they are now permanently lost to them. The lyrics suggest a sense of finality and closure in ending the relationship, indicating that the singer is ready to move on and reclaim their sense of self-worth.

The following verses convey a sense of newfound freedom and empowerment after breaking away from the toxic relationship. The singer asserts that they no longer want to hear anything from the deceptive individual, signifying a clean break from the past. The declaration of being "freed" and feeling "reborn" indicates a transformation and renewal of spirit after shedding the burden of lies and manipulation.

The lyrics also touch upon the idea of solitude and peace in the absence of the deceitful person. Despite occasional moments of quiet, the singer finds solace and contentment in their newfound independence. The repetition of the question "Waarom loog je tegen mij" reinforces the sense of betrayal and underscores the gravity of the situation, while also serving as a poignant reminder of the importance of honesty and trust in relationships.


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