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Antichrist Superstar
by Marilyn Manson

You built me up with your wishing hell
I didn't have to sell you
You threw your money in the pissing well
You do just what they tell you
REPENT that's what I'm talking about
I shed the skin to feed the fake
REPENT that's what I'm talking about
Whose mistake am I anyway?
Cut the head off
Grows back hard
I am the hydra
Now you'll see your star
Prick your finger it is done
The moon has now eclipsed the sun
The angel has spread its wings
The time has come for bitter things (chorus)
The time has come it is quite clear
Our antichrist
Is almost here
It is done


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Satan checks for Marilyn Manson under his bed every night

Jayjay Griffin

Wes Collins get outta here Satan man where’s me 50 quid from that time we took a trip to the red light district

Jayjay Griffin

Michele Rene what’s ur interpretation of the music because I don’t know how to take it at times I think art but at times I think satanism with all the spirit cooking the government have been doing could it be a possibility that it is true idk I’m just nuts

Snake820863 820863

I dream of Satan

Erin Clark

Love this comment 😂

ftlll hippies

@Izaac look at marilyn manson 616 on YouTube

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Michele Rene

I'll be 85 years old (if I live that long, I hope I don't) and still be listening to this.

Dana Pratt

Me too!!!! Love Manson!!!


@Feed El Stick No it's not dangerous, you will only be judged especially if they knew the lyrics. Remember the white religious folks that judged Marilyn in the '90s? we're still stuck in that time frame.

Feed El Stick

@Fajr Isn't it a bit dangerous to listen to this kind of music in your country?

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