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The Reflecting God
by Marilyn Manson

Your world is an ashtray

We burn and coil like cigarettes

The more you cry your ashes turn to mud

It's the nature of the leeches the virgin's

Feeling cheated

You've only spent a second of your life

My world is unaffected there is an exit here

I say it is and then it's true

There is a dream inside a dream

I'm wide awake the more I sleep

You'll understand when I'm dead

I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me

Saw heaven and hell were lies

When I'm god everybody dies

Scar/can you feel my power?

Shoot here and the world gets smaller

Scar/scar/can you feel my power?

One shot and the world gets smaller

Let's jump upon the sharp swords

And cut away our smiles

Without the threat of death

There's no reason to live at all

My world is unaffected, there is an exit here

I say it is and then it's true,

There is a dream inside a dream,

I'm wide awake the more I sleep

You'll understand when I'm dead



"each thing I show you is a piece of my death"

Shoot shoot shoot motherfucker

No salvation, no forgiveness

"this is beyond your experience"


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Comments from YouTube:

sam r

This has been my favorite song since 1998. Im only 27. 😂 forever in love 😍😍😍

Jehovah Lucifer

No salvation (ha ha)
No forgiveness (ha ha)

Joey Wall

Anger is more useful than despair. This album DEFINES my late teenage years.

Good ol' Male aggression!!!

Allya Passmore

My teenage experience is me being agender and mad at everyone.

Melissa Ivy


Melissa Ivy

Us girls did to believe it or not and this song to this day will ALWAYS be my battle cry!!!!! This was the very first song I ever heard of him!! I love this man!!!! 🖤🤘💋

Kutie 4evah

Showing my age....
Yes I look like this still mofo

Yet I got 12 cds for 1 cents in the mail
Omg this is my fave n the nirvana and Mariah Carey like who

And he included a live which I was looking forward to in June 2020 but now... who knows....

Najil Kaan

Love It one of the best songs ever

Iluv Cannabis

He says it is and it’s true!!!!


Kutie 4evah

This is amazing.... wow I love the live sound at the end.... I was supposed to go in June to MSQG in NYC damn........

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