Marilyn Monroe Lyrics

(Kiss, kiss me)
(Hold, hold me)
(Kiss me, hold me, kiss me, hold me...)

Kiss, kiss me
Say you miss, miss me
Kiss me love, with heavenly affection
Hold, hold me close to you
Hold me, see me through
With all your heart's protection

Thrill, thrill me
With your charms
Take me, in your arms
And make my life perfection
Kiss, kiss me darling
Then, kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true

(This is the moment, oh thrill me)
Thrill me, thrill me (with your charms)
Take me, take me (in your arms)
And make my life perfection
Take me, darling don't foresake me
Kiss me
Hold me tight
Love me, love me tonight

(Kiss me, hold me, take me, love me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me)

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Written by: Haven Gillespie, Lionel Newman

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Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

@Charlie Hockett As someone who quit drinking 10 years ago, 1st thing we tell someone like this, "Well, you have to put the bottle down first..."

They, all addicts want to use all the time and not pay for it. That causes the mental illness. The depression. The immense selfishness.

Lived it from both sides. Passed the drug counselor test, bit I didn't like their pushing drugs drugs drugs suboxone and methadone, with the intent they'll be on it FOREVER. I VEHEMENTLY disagree with that and it means there's a conflict of interest. Someone is taking cash from pill companies.

A difference between for a short time and indefinitely, for certain.

Codependency is a big one. Almost ALL addicts have it. Very bad, dramatic relationships. Sleeping around. Fooling with married guys. Multiple relationships or marriages.

I once read how to spot hidden alcoholics. It's to find them without seeing them ever use. See above :)

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Gee Kay

its not the dress but how she wears it

Moonwalking SoldierOfLove

@Matthew Maduli anyone can pull off anything with confidence as long as THEY think they look good


@Winnie Nguyen not comparable in the face the face, but she is the confidence, and the ability to look good in ANYTHING she wears

Winnie Nguyen

@Ann Kow yes January sure did look exactly like Grace Kelly in Mad Men. Absolutely.

Ann Kow

I think Scarlett is the closest to Marilyn January reminds me of Grace Kelly possibly as Marilyn I And I've always seen Elisha Cuthbert

Winnie Nguyen

@H how is Rihanna comparable to Marilyn exactly? I'd compare Rihanna more with someone like Diana Ross or Donna Summer. The closest face I've seen to Marilyn was probably Scarlet Johansson and possibly January Jones the way she looks in Mad Men. But honestly even those two don't have the same sex appeal as Marilyn.

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Interviewer: "Is it true you posed for a calendar with nothing on?"

Monroe: "I had the radio on."

Dolllip Naive


Annais Maia

@Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band And I wish those married men also had leaved alone. Especially the Kennedys, who later killed her.

The Raven

@tamtams o yes she did and so do I. LOL

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