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2:25 3 trapped innocents

Not in here....

Finnaly we can communicate

I forced you to kill me last time,so you could access the basement and finish him

He realized that you had returned to his unsearshable hell (in which he would endlessly torture us) and crash your game

We moved from beta to escape from him

He found us here and trapped all three of us

Parge him and free us from this prison

He's in the basement , go through the pillar room outside

(Small text)
Were sufficient (i think this is the word)

Nintendo did this


Can you hear us? You got caught

Save us inside the fortress

You'll need 121 stars



"Wet dry"
"Go on a luigi hunt"
"3 trapped innocents not in here..."
"Finally we can communicate"
"I forced you to kill me last time, so you could access the basement and finish him"
"He realised that you had returned to his unresearchable hell (in which he would endlessly torture us) and crashed your game"
"We moved from the Beta to escape from him"
"He found as here and trapped all 3 of us"
"He's in the basement, go through the pillar room outside"
"We're seatient"
"Nintendo did this"
"Can you hear this? you got caught..."
"Save us from inside the Fortress"
"You'll need 121 stars"


@The Salty Soda Hey! I'm glad you replied. Actually, since reading my comment again, I noticed that while I still stand behind my main point, I feel like I also need to point out how much I love the execution of your idea!

Seriously. The visuals are awesome.
Same with the sound design.
Combine these editing skills with some of the more subtle horror elements we talked about and you'll end up with a top tier video!

I guess what I want to say is.
While not flawless, it's still a great video.

Okay, you replying means a great deal to me because now I can't stop thinking about your video.
So here are some more thoughts.

Having a lore maybe isn't a bad idea at all.
But like you said, it was layed on a bit thick.

There is a series that is often looked down at due to its... interesting(?) community and also often reptitive gameplay.
But the five nights at Freddy's series does have a way of story telling that I believe would fit the style you're going for.

The FNAF series usually explains lore using hints hidden in the area you're playing in as well as small segments in which you basically replay important events in the lore.

The "antagonist" (to my knowledge) never let's you in on his plans and never talks to you directly giving him that extra layer of mystery

Maybe implement your lore the same way. Show things hinting towards events that happened instead of telling the viewers.
Hide details. That way it will be extra unsettling if you happen to find one.

Explaing a lore in a single video is really hard.
If you have the time and you're having fun with this, I'd love to see this becoming a small series.

Now while I don't play any instruments, I have been making music digitally for quite a few years.
If I get my hands on some of the original Midi instruments I could make some fake beta versions of the music.

At the moment, I have a few things I need to focus on irl but of you're fine with maybe having to wait a bit, I'd love to help.

Tell me if you'd like me to write a small song or two.
For free of course!
Do you have Discord or anything?

Obama Gaming

Hidden details ive found about the video:

-At 1:12 if you go frame by frame you can see the words "WET DRY" and i originally thought it meant nothing but then i realize it was the level OP had to play

-At 1:59 The text for "Go on a Ghost Hunt" Changes to "Go on a Luigi Hunt"

-Somewhere around 2:18 You can see the room change to the creepy peach, and at 2:25 theres also some text that reads:
3 Innocents Trapped

Not in here . . .

-Somewhere around 2:40 you can see Wario's head coming from the other side of the door.

I have to give credit to this man for putting such awesome details into this! Well done!


Right before cool cool mountain booted you out it said wet dry" or something like that. Maybe check on wet dry land?

See, told ya it would be strange

Edit: it also says, 3 trapped innocents... not in here after you get booted out of bowser 1. Im guessing they are peach, bowser, and toad (why you cant talk with him, its a dummy) here are my theories to save them. Beat the game for peach, run around the fountain for luigi (the screen turned green when you did it in beta) and either find toad or maybe the others in wet dry land or attempt to "destroy" the "dummy"

Oh yeah, remember the super creepy basement unlock in beta? That must be where the thing is


Anyways, final edit. Where will you get the 121st star?

GammaBoost Gaming

1:12 Just as the screen fades to black it says "WET DRY"
2:25 "3 Trapped innocents, not in here"
4:23 "Finally we can communicate"
4:28 "I forced you to kill me last time, so you could access the basement and finish him. He realised that you had returned to his unresearchable hell (in which he would endlessly torture us) and crashed your game."
4:37 "We moved from Beta to escape from him. He found us here and trapped all 3 of us."
4:43 "Purge him and free us from this prison. He's in the basement, go through the pillar room outside."
4:49 "We're sentient. Nintendo did this."
5:44 "Can you hear us? You got caught..."
5:48 "Save us from inside the Fortress"
5:54 "You'll need 121 stars"

My personalised copy of the video is creepy... well if your version of the video is different, you can use the timestamps provided to see my alternate version of the video.

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The Salty Soda

My biggest regret is having the star count I did in this video - I swear it wasn't on purpose 😂😭

bugydigitl or something like that

@The Salty Soda then do a 4- wait you did

Răzvy Kiss



That’s the first thing I noticed about it 😂

Sparky (British Empire)

420 instead

B16 Matalang, Keith Chester A. Matalang

Lol, funny number

424 More Replies...

Yee Haw

Creepypasta protags be like "I shrugged it off as a glitch and kept going"

Neon kirby

Sees sonic with red eyes
“Nah it’s just a glitch”

Plushy Bros

For real


It's like
Character: dies
Player: eh It's probably just a glitch no big deal

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