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It's Beautiful
Mark Dougherty Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'It's Beautiful' by these artists:

eleventyseven I wish that You would tell me how You know me…
Lovables Give me this night I'm feeling alright It's beautiful And y…
Sofia Oh oh oh it's beautiful Oh oh oh everything we see Oh…
Spiderbait Walking in daydreams I float along, Sometimes I wonder where…
The Attic I ran away, to find the road 'Cause I get tired…
Thomas Godoj I never thought, a feeling like this Would rise upon me…

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Comments from YouTube:


Breaking News!: Linux cult leader once again goes back to emacs, causing an emotional rollercoaster to his followers who went back to vim after he left emacs few months back.


@Александр Крутиков I use VIM to just write or read or modify some files pretty quickly. But if I'm on a project, then I use Emacs.

Terry Glass

Highest Level Of Degeneracy M-x butterfly

Highest Level Of Degeneracy

@No Name Kid, I use my coreutils to edit my files (Cat, Echo, Etc)

j swails

Lol too accurate.


@John C Just use doom emacs or spacemacs (vim keybinds). It's basically just vim with more features. I got into emacs this way and it really eases you into the emacs ecosystem (no need to learn emacs keybinds right away).

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Nathan Huisman

They should actually just make an operating system of Emacs and cut out the Unix BLOAT

Marcin Migacz

@Abhinav Kulshreshtha that's crazy! ;-)

Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Actually there are some papers published on this very topic, Running Emacs directly on kernel/system layer. Emacs is fully functional Lisp machine so it is not just possible but you can find some actual hobbyist, proof-of-concept, working os code on github/reddit. However for modern usage practicality, You can replace your WM or DE with emacs and can login directly into it if you want. There is a video on this channel on how to do that. This will give you best of both world.

Mick R

​@copper4eva Which is interesting because if Hurd had been around in 1991, Linus Torvalds would not have bothered to create the Linux kernel.

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