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Love there are flowers hanging in the vine
So high you cannot see
Now my mind must go on holiday, torn from it's hook, a broken valentine
I see the smoke from a revolver, will I get hit, I hardly care
When I'm bombed I stretch like bubblegum
And look too long straight at the morning sun
Love there are flowers along the avenue, all things perfectly in place
I build a shrine
I set a monument
Because you're fire
Because you're a fire escape

Written by: MARK LANEGAN

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I keep listening at this song when everyone is sleeping and when i'm drunk and have an idea of eternity

Gustavo Florindo

I build a shrine; I set a monument. Because you're fire; Because you're fire escape.

Eu construo um templo; eu levanto um templo. Porque você é fogo; você é saída de incêndio.


In his book of lyrics and writings he describes the recording of this song and how Wendy Rae as such a bizarre counter melody,he gave her the words and had her sing along to his vocal without hearing the song first. That’s why she sounds a little behind on some notes and it creates such a spooky effect


@SchlafAroundTheBend his lyric book, I Am the Wolf


Interesting, what book is that?

jim war




diverse dimensions, illusive illusions

I think the one and only person that dislike the song has to be either a DEA agent or the Antichrist lol

not to be found

what type of music is this

Dope Stone Lion

Would a label branding make you happier?

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