Mark Lanegan Lyrics

It's true
Keeps on rainin' baby
All crystalline
Your word in my head
Gonna watch from the balcony
Sing backwards and we
It's true
Keeps on raining baby
There's no explainin' baby
Gonna drive that terraplane
Across the frozen ocean
We've always been together and it's good
Love will be what's hidden
In every single fragment
I look and I fly
A flower born from you
And I am joined with you
And adorned with you
It's true
Gonna keep raining baby
Oh yeah yeah yes
And it's you that I'm missing
Won't come up missing
Well I'm torn from you
Want to be reborn with you
Fix It's true
Keeps on rainin' baby
Keeps on rainin' baby
Drive that terraplane
Down into the ocean
We've always been together
And it's good
Got no need for shelter
Everything's forgotten
All is forgiven and understood
A flower born from you
Reborn in you
And adorned baby
When I am joined with you
It's true
Keeps on rainin' baby
Keeps on rainin' baby

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Written by: MARK LANEGAN

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Comments from YouTube:

Pierre Prijs

His voice sounds like magic to me

riversidepete 61

he sounds like he's lived a thousand lifetimes ...


Read his book and you'll get a glimpse at the life he's lived. Fucking serious darkness

Allan Christopher

riversidepete 61 either that or he gained 1000 lives in just this one! Rumor had it everyone had their $$$ riding on him in the Seattle scene that he'd be the first to croak. Well....31 years later...!

littleSaddie grunch

Love will be what's hidden
In every single fragment... 


He's a lovely dude...
Because I followed him in his solo and early QOTSA days, I met him a few times from 1998 through to 2005, plus a few more odd occasions (like signings after the gigs.
He was very polite and courteous towards me and my two friends. We'd pretty much collar him before the gigs, like HOURS (up to 4 hours!) before the gigs! 😊
And we'd sit him down and grill him about Kurt, Dylan, Layne and the Trees. "Is this an interview?!" he said when we first sat him down! 😊 "Nah man, we're just big, big fans and want to talk to you!"
He was awesome about it.
That was the first time we realised that he didn't really get on with his ex-bandmates! BUT! At the time he DID say that he was open to reforming the Trees for a reunion tour! 😊 He just sort of shrugged his shoulders and was like, "Sure, bring it on! I'd play with those fat bastards again!" 😂
(I stress that that was said affectionately, I should add!)
I rolled him a joint once and he obviously declined it. Instead I gave him a Marlboro which he of course tore the butt off of and then smoked it! 😊
I've met Van and spoken to Gary Lee since then too. Gary kept tight lipped and didn't say anything about Mark, though Van had lots of shit to say! 😊 LoL! But again, he wasn't being malicious or anything... I genuinely think that they weren't aware of the extent of Mark's addiction issues, so they kinda felt a bit I dunno, betrayed by the way he acted?! More simply, they just didn't know how to react to his personal problems.

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