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Check It Out
by Markie Biz

Yo this is kinda slow
But I know the Jeeps goin' be pumpin' it
But this is, this is one subject, that nobody don't know about

Check him out, check him out, check him out, check him out
With the beat I'm gonna rock the house
When you hear my golden voice, you know it's me
The poetical, energetical rap MC

Well that's not the subject matter of to be cool
I'm just tellin' you girls and fly kids, stay in school
I always reminisce when I was in class, well
But you feel like a simpleton when you get expelled

Or, even if you have a couple of days in detention
It's just as good as one bad suspension
So when you're grown up, you'll say the same thing
To your kids, be in class before the bell ring

But you know, kids is kids
To them high school is like a three year bid
I'm not gonna tell a lie, I used to cut class
Until the principal straight got in my ass

He said, "Biz the only way you're gonna get a BM
Is to get your education instead of hangin' with him"
So I got my head together, and chilled the hell out
And now all the break-breakers says is check him out

Check him out, check him out, check him out, check him out
With the beat I'm gonna rock the house
Check him out, check him out, check him out, check him out
With the beat I'm gonna rock the house!

Now this is the second part of this lesson
I'm sayin' it this way cause it's my profession
You don't have to go to high school to be an MC
But you got to know the value and means, of money

'Cause a lot of parents, they are taxpayers
So it's real stupid, when you disobey a
Principal, vice principal or even a teacher
'Cause when you do that, you know you'll never reach a higher level,
Or even your goal

Because, you don't wanna listen to what you're told
So please take heed, to what I say
I hope I'm not sayin' it for my health today
'Cause if I am please tell me, so I can stop

It's not like I'm your mother sister brother or pop
So come on and listen to me without no doubt
So you can be educated and have, clout


I'm just tellin' young people to stay away from drugs
'Cause if you mess with that it'll make you bug
Whatever you wanna, like call it, I'm tellin' you
Don't become a drug addict or alcoholic

Because it will mess with your mind and brain
And only thing you wanna do is fiend and complain
'Cause I'm tellin' you just like this off the top of my head
Don't mess with it, cause you will be misled

By other people, devils and demons
I'm Biz Markie, I'm not Alfred Simmons
I'm just tellin' you to do this, without no doubt
'Cause I'm the Biz and I got the clout


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