Left Alone
Marlene meets Masato Honda B.B. Station Lyrics

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I just wanna be left alone
Know what I'm sayin'?
Leave me alone
Got a sign on my door saying "No One's Home"
Just laying back, getting stoned
Not a bone
In my body wants to hang with you
I got more important shit to do
Like sleep and eat food
Beat off and watch the news
Watch the news
I fucking hate the news
Aye, aye
It's nothing personal, uh
But I'm feeling kinda down
I don't wanna hang out
Leave me alone
And don't call my phone
And when I step to the microphone
I'm in my own zone
You don't
Fuck with
I don't
Fuck with
This ain't
This is
What we
You don't
Fuck with
I don't
Fuck with
This ain't
Ain't new
I know
That comes across rude
But to be frank, I'm an antisocial dude
Just thought by now, you would've gotten a clue
Stop knocking on my door, don't wanna hang with you
So don't hang with me
Let me be
Don't need what you offer
Unless you talking money
Then let me see
'Cause bitch
I'm intrigued
I'm intrigued, bitch
I'm intrigued, bitch
Smokin' trees, bitch
Smokin' trees bitch
Smoking all day long
Smoking all week long
Smoking all year long
Yo, yo
We on a whole 'nother level!
Just leave us alone

Leave me the fuck alone
Get the fuck out my zone

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to "Left Alone" by Marlene meets Masato Honda B.B. Station express a strong desire for solitude and independence from others. The singer repeatedly emphasizes their need to be left alone and disconnected from external distractions. They have a sign on their door indicating that they want privacy and do not wish to socialize with anyone. The singer is content with their own company, enjoying activities like getting stoned, sleeping, eating, and watching the news, although they express disdain for the news.

The lyrics convey a sense of frustration with social interactions and a preference for isolation. The singer acknowledges feeling down and not in the mood to hang out with others, urging people to leave them alone and not call them. When the singer steps up to the microphone, they enter their own zone, indicating a sense of comfort and focus in their creative space. The repeated refrain of "You don't fuck with us, I don't fuck with you" highlights a clear boundary and lack of interest in engaging with certain individuals.

The lyrics also reveal the singer's blunt and straightforward personality, admitting to being antisocial and making it clear that they do not want to socialize with others who do not respect their boundaries. Despite the harsh tone, there is a hint of openness when it comes to financial opportunities, suggesting that money might be the only exception to their desire for solitude. The repeated exclamations and assertive language throughout the song underline the singer's firm stance on being left alone and maintaining their personal space.

In the closing lines, the singer reiterates their plea for solitude, emphasizing their need to be left alone and urging others to stay out of their zone. The use of expletives intensifies the message, conveying a strong sense of determination and assertiveness in preserving their independence. Overall, "Left Alone" captures the theme of self-reliance, boundary setting, and the importance of honoring one's need for privacy and space in a world that can often feel overwhelming and intrusive.

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Written by: Amos Finneran, Scott Bates

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