What Money Might Buy
Martha Davis Lyrics

A vision in white
Lit up the night
A girl more or less
But usually more
A street whore
A sweet whore
A girl who would be your fantasy
Come again still no reality
But in her eyes no surprise
What money might buy

There was a young boy
A beuteous thing
Whose revenge cut the night
And he'd lick the blade clean
A sweet boy
A street boy
The boy who would be your sweet fuck
Yeah, the boy who would always bring you luck
The boy who hates you so
You'd better make love slow
'Cause you don't know
What money might buy

And you think it's o.k.
'Cause you leave when you pay
And you pay for what you need
And God knows you needed it
And the streets will go on
And you can go home
And no one will know
Ah, ain't that the beauty of it
Ain't it sweet
What money might buy

On the lips of a kiss
Poisoned with bliss
A child looks good
Dressed up like this
A sweet kid
A street kid
A kid that could be your very own
You'd better check to see
Who's left at home
But they might lie
Don't be surprised
What money might buy

Very nice, kind of lights up your eyes
What money might buy
Almost makes you cry
What money might buy
Surprise, surprise
What money might buy
It's suicide

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