Heat Wave
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Heat wave
Heat wave

Whenever I'm with you
Something inside
Starts to burn deep
And my heart's filled with fire
Could be that I'm very sentimental
Or is this just the way love's supposed to be?

I got a heat wave
Burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart

Sometimes she calls my name
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can't explain
I feel, yeah I feel
I feel this burning flame
This high blood pressure's got a hold on me
'Cause this is the way love's supposed to be

I got a heat wave
Burning in my heart
I can't keep from crying
Tearing me apart

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Just give me another chance
This could be a new romance

Heat wave
Heat wave

Heat wave
Heat wave

Overall Meaning

The song "Heatwave" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas is a classic example of Motown sound. The theme of the song is love, and the lyrics vividly describe how one feels when they are in the first stages of falling in love. The song opens with the singer expressing how being in the presence of the person she loves leads to an intense feeling that starts deep inside her, causing her heart to burn with passion. The second verse describes the urgency she feels to be around her love interest, how she cannot control the overpowering feeling of her body being electrified, and how the love burns brighter than anything around her.

The chorus then repeats the words, "Heatwave," emphasizing the power of the heat of love that engulfs her. She can feel her tears rolling down her face, and the fire in her heart consuming her every day. The singer tries to rationalize her intense feelings, wondering if it's because of her sensitive nature or the fact that she's in love. The bridge of the song then describes the singer's yearning when the person she loves is not around her. She feels an intense pull toward her love interest that she cannot explain. The song ends with the singer begging for another chance to explore the possibility of a new romance, demonstrating how overwhelming the heat of love can be.

Line by Line Meaning

Heat wave
The intense heat, both literally and metaphorically, that takes over the singer when they are with their loved one.

Whenever I'm with you, something inside
The overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement that occurs within the singer whenever they are around their loved one.

Starts to burn deep
The passion and desire that the singer feels towards their loved one creates a burning sensation deep within them.

And my heart's filled with fire
The intense emotion that is felt by the artist towards their loved one, filling their heart and soul with burning passion and desire.

Could be that I'm very sentimental
The artist acknowledges that they may be seen as overly sentimental or emotional when it comes to their love and affection for their partner.

Or is this just the way love's supposed to be?
The singer questions whether this overwhelming feeling of love and passion is simply a natural part of being in love, or if it is unique to their relationship.

I got a heat wave, burning in my heart
The intense passion and desire for their loved one that the singer feels is like a heat wave that burns within them.

I can't keep from crying, tearing me apart
The artist is so overwhelmed with emotion towards their loved one that they are moved to tears, but at the same time, this intense emotion is also causing them pain and heartache.

Sometimes she calls my name, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can't explain
The artist's loved one has a powerful effect on them, even the mere sound of their partner's voice saying their name can leave them feeling speechless and overwhelmed.

I feel, yeah I feel, I feel this burning flame
The artist is consumed by a burning desire and passion for their loved one that they can physically feel within them, it is an all-consuming flame.

This high blood pressure's got a hold on me
The intense emotions and desire that the singer feels towards their loved one has a physical effect on them, causing their blood pressure to rise.

'Cause this is the way love's supposed to be
The artist is justifying their intense emotions and desire for their loved one, suggesting that this is the natural experience of pure, unadulterated love.

Just give me another chance, this could be a new romance
The singer is requesting their loved one to give them another chance at starting fresh, potentially beginning a new chapter in their existing relationship.

Oh yeah
An exclamation of the overwhelming feelings of love and passion that the singer feels towards their loved one.

Heat wave, heat wave, heat wave, heat wave
Repetition of the chorus, emphasizing the intense heat and passion that the singer feels, that it's not a one-time occurrence, but a continuous, all-consuming experience.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Music so moving can change your entire perspective of things, like this song.
The memory still burns into my mind to this day.

I went to a simple dance party alone with lots of students, the purpose of me attending this school party was to meet a guy there, I guess you can say my platonic "date", we weren't together, I only knew this man for a few months. I remember wearing just a simple white dress and had my hair in big curls that landed down to my shoulders and wearing only one coat of mascara. I was waiting by the DJ and he decided to play some oldies. People were dancing and everyone was having a good time.

This song played as my "date" entered the school gym, I never noticed how handsome he was until that night. He was wearing a black biker jacket and levis jeans, his jawline was sharp and his cheeks were deeper than how I would usually see them. He had his hair slicked back and his bright smile lit the room with a dash of confidence in his step.

My heart JUMPED the moment Martha Reeves powerfully sang that first verse, he was greeting other people with that gorgeous smile while he was walking in... Then I realized as he was glancing left and right with those beautiful hazel eyes, he was trying to look for me.
My casual behavior disappeared, I was a nervous wreck. He was walking closer to my direction and I quickly ran into the bathroom across the gym with my face burning and my hands sweating. Looking at my reflection my arms and face were completely red. After I freshened up, I couldn't even speak right. I stepped out of the restroom and I immediately found him walking around and I just stood there mesmerized by his presence and looking at him for I don't know how long. When he finally saw me, I couldn't stop trembling. He licked his lips and smiled as he was cutting through the crowd not leaving his eyes from mine.
However in the end, we didn't end up together, I lost touch with him. But every time I listen to this song I think of that unforgettable night. Music is supposed to move you at a time of crisis or bliss. That is when you know the music is raw and real when it touches the right spot in your soul.

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This is totally awesome...


They are the hottest girls in rock and Motown and they are the heatwave! Absolutely, fabulous! Mucho Caliente! Thanks for posting!


They be jumping.


Thanks for using the word "awesome". I feel it's not used enough these days...


Same here!


@Tom Bergere

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This is one of the songs that will still be talked about in 100 years time, absolutely timeless.


It isn't even talked about today


NoMercy edgy response


Amen!!!! They don’t make them like this anymore!!!!!!!!!!

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