Heat Wave
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Lyrics

Whenever I'm with him (ooh),
Something inside (inside)
Stars to burnin' (ooh)
And I'm filled with desire

Could it be a devil in me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be?

It's like a heat wave
Burnin' in my heart (like a heat wave)
I can't keep from cryin' (like a heat wave)
It's tearin' me apart

Whenever he calls my name
Soft, low, sweet and plain,
I feel, yeah, well,
I feel that burnin' flame

Has high blood pressure got a hold on me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be?

It's like a heat wave
Burnin' in my heart (like a heat wave)
I can't keep from cryin' (like a heat wave)
It's tearin' me apart

(Ooooh, oooh, heat wave)
(Ooooh, oooh, heat wave)

Sometimes I stare in space,
Tears all over my face
I can't explain it, don't understand it
I ain't never felt like this before

Now that funny feelin' has me amazed
I don't know what to do, my head's in a haze

It's like a heat wave

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Well, it's alright, girl)
Whoa-ho yeah
(Go ahead, girl)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Well, it's alright, girl)
Ho yeah
(Ain't nothin' but love, girl)

Don't pass up this chance
It sounds like true romance

Don't you know it's like a heat wave?

Burnin' burnin'
Burnin' burnin' burnin'

Burnin' burnin' burnin'
Burnin' burnin' burnin'
(repeat and fade out)

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Royal Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Ryan Michael Dusick

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Music so moving can change your entire perspective of things, like this song.
The memory still burns into my mind to this day.

I went to a simple dance party alone with lots of students, the purpose of me attending this school party was to meet a guy there, I guess you can say my platonic "date", we weren't together, I only knew this man for a few months. I remember wearing just a simple white dress and had my hair in big curls that landed down to my shoulders and wearing only one coat of mascara. I was waiting by the DJ and he decided to play some oldies. People were dancing and everyone was having a good time.

This song played as my "date" entered the school gym, I never noticed how handsome he was until that night. He was wearing a black biker jacket and levis jeans, his jawline was sharp and his cheeks were deeper than how I would usually see them. He had his hair slicked back and his bright smile lit the room with a dash of confidence in his step.

My heart JUMPED the moment Martha Reeves powerfully sang that first verse, he was greeting other people with that gorgeous smile while he was walking in... Then I realized as he was glancing left and right with those beautiful hazel eyes, he was trying to look for me.
My casual behavior disappeared, I was a nervous wreck. He was walking closer to my direction and I quickly ran into the bathroom across the gym with my face burning and my hands sweating. Looking at my reflection my arms and face were completely red. After I freshened up, I couldn't even speak right. I stepped out of the restroom and I immediately found him walking around and I just stood there mesmerized by his presence and looking at him for I don't know how long. When he finally saw me, I couldn't stop trembling. He licked his lips and smiled as he was cutting through the crowd not leaving his eyes from mine.
However in the end, we didn't end up together, I lost touch with him. But every time I listen to this song I think of that unforgettable night. Music is supposed to move you at a time of crisis or bliss. That is when you know the music is raw and real when it touches the right spot in your soul.

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Carl The Brit in The Philippines

This is totally awesome...

David Waldheim

And thank YOU for The Beatles!

Brandon Booker loves Grace

Grace Brothers.

Kevin Kemp

​@Tom Bergere qq aww

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Sam middleton

This is one of the songs that will still be talked about in 100 years time, absolutely timeless.

JP Gottberg

@YouTube Bannedme It's pretty obvious you've been obsessed with this cut for years. Consumes your thoughts as far as I can tell.

YouTube Bannedme

No I dont think it will sense no one even talks about it now. This is trash.

Tariq Shafi

It has already been almost 50 years. I remember this song from when I was a kid, and I was born about 10 years before it came out. It was still very popular back then. I remember it to this day, almost 40 years after I heard it for the first time at 4 or 5 years old.

Patrick Larry

You got that right! The Motown sound!

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TM Kreh

Being a sax player, I always loved the sax in the background. There's no sound like Martha and the Vandellas. RIP Lamont Dozier. We could use more songs like this today.

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