This Is Our Life
Mary Beth Maziarz Lyrics

This is our life
These are our days
This is us trying to find our way
Tthis is the love
This is the dream
This is us learning how to be who we are, who we are
Cause this is our life

This is our life
These are our friends
This is our family that grows and dance
This is our chance
This is our time
This is us making things to somehow leave behind
Wwhat will we leave behind to show
That this is our life

Cause i am so thankful
For each moment that we share
Right here is everything i need
I love our life and I love you so much honey
Thank you for loving me

Oh, this is our life
Straight or a mess
These are our memories in progress
This is our work
This is our hope
This is us learning how to cope
And laugh and cry
Cause it's all yours and mine
This is our life

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