Don't Worry
Mary J. Blige Lyrics

Can't wait 'til we make real love
Because these conjugal visits just ain't enough
I'm really looking forward to a future for us
Baby don't worry 'bout it
I'mma beeee right here, waitin on you

Even took a second job
So they won't take the clause and put a lean on the
I know it's gonna be a while before you get out, ooh
Baby don't worry 'bout it (don't worry)
I'mma beeee right here, waitin on you

And them dudes you ran with are foul
They been tryna get at me, ever since you been down
Even my girls are tellin me, I should end it all now
Baby don't worry about it
I'mma be

All I can think about is that honey complexion
And the way your skin glow when you slippin on them Dior dresses
I know you wonderin why I got you a Smith 'n Wesson
Cause them niggas in the hood is the reason we stressin
I miss that gangsta love and that lil' affection
Them butter soft lips when you kissin my chest and
Mary I put nuttin above you
And behind that vest I got a heart ma gangstas need love too

Some think the worst of you
They portray you as a man, it's not that far from the truth
You were caught up in the game and now it's, caught up to you
Baby don't worry about it
I'mma be right here, waitin on you

It used to be caramel skin tones, Sprewell rims on
Glass house, ass out, Jacob watch, gemstones
Bandanna, Nike Airs, tennis bracelet, wife hair
Black rag, do or die, .45 right here
Every time I was down, you was always right there
Whenever visitin hours came, I know my wife there
So pink diamonds right here, chain hang, ice there
The reason for my tattooed tear - I need you to hold me down

I'll be waiting on you (I'll)
I'll be waiting on you (I'ma be right here whenever you call me babe)
I'll be waiting on you (ooh-oh)
Baby don't worry about it
I'mma be right here, waitin on you

I'm locked up countin the days down
Tryna hold my head cause the penitentiary ain't no playground
I'm dyin in here and I don't know how you stay down
In the shootin range twice a week bustin that trey-pound
I would never ask you to wait around
But how do a white sandy beach in St. Tropez sound?
And no more outta town trips on that Greyhound
Just me hittin like a beat from Dr. Dre, out

I'll be waiting on you (I'll be waiting)
I'll be waiting on you (I'ma be right here, for you ba-by)
I'll be waiting on you (I'll)
Baby don't worry about it (don't worry babe)
I'mma be right here (I'ma be) waitin on you

I'll be waiting on you (I'ma be right here waitin for you baby)
I'll be waiting on you (you know I will)
I'll be waiting on you (whenever you need me baby)
Baby don't worry about it (I'll be right here, I'll be right here)
I'mma be right here, waitin on you (don't you worry)

I'm lookin' for a future with you baby
Wanna see you real soon, real soon, real soon
I'll be right there, I'll be right there
(Baby don't worry about it)
Don't worry, don't worry
(I'ma be right here, waitin' on you)
Don't worry

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Comments from YouTube:

Wanye Kest

This an underrated song on this album. This video deserves a lot more views

Ruby Riding Hood

Every song with Game and Mary just hits so damn different! Like holy fuck

Brasi novic

Game actually didn't like that song very much

reg munch


Beamen Givhan

Real shit!!! 2020

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the documentary is in the top 5 of best albums ever released

Aaron Robertson

As a hardcore east coast fan, I gotta say the doc and doctors advocate should def be up there in peoples list of greatest hip hop albums

Cash Rules

Hard to argue against that

Brasi novic

My top 1, my top 2 doctors advocate

Fanianna Charpentier

i really miss music like this.

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