Whisper You Love Me Boy
Mary Wells Lyrics

Whisper you love me boy
Say the words you seldom say
You love me more
Each passing day
Whisper you love me boy
Just the way you used to do
When our love was true
It's been so long
Since you held me in your arms
Ooh, the joy it brings
Hearing you say sweet things

Whisper you love me boy
Make it sound soft and dear
Tender and sincere
Whisper you love me boy
Say it in your sweet way
The things I seldom hear you say
You used to say
You love me the most
But now you hardly ever hold me close

Whisper you love me boy
Whisper, whisper

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Comments from YouTube:

Thomas Lombardo

One of my all-time favorite female singers. Always loved her sultry voice.💛💛💛

Motown Deep Cuts, PAMS Jingles & More with Tomovox

"Sultry" is the word. I turn into toast when I hear Mary singing this one. And when she sings "Honey Boy", it's ALL OVER for me. She nails that one with 10 times the sultry power she harnesses on this one.


The Adantes did a great backing vocal at the ending of this song. Loved the ending by this backup group. They also did the backing vocals for ASK THE LONELY by the FOUR TOPS!


I agree, The Andantes were worth the price of admission here !!


They sung on ALMOST every Motown recording from 1964-66 to "sweeten" the sound and improve the harmonies of the groups. They started with Motown in early 1961. When Motown moved to L.A. they didn't even tell The Andantes they were leaving! How's THAT for loyalty, after the group stayed in the studio every day all those years, instead of going before the public!

Tony Russi

The Greatest Female singer in Rock & Soul History!Often imitated, never duplicated!

Motown Deep Cuts, PAMS Jingles & More with Tomovox

Hi Motownfan- Mary had such a beautiful voice. What impresses me is how full and expressive that voice was. On this song, there is a sultry, husky, sexy quality in her voice I could never pinpoint. She had to have been in her early 20's at this time, but Mary brought a maturity to her performance that was years beyond. I miss her too!

Tony Russi

she is 20 recording this.


This Motown sound was so phenomenal, I'd give just about anything to return to this era! I was a kid during this period, but I remember the parties given and music played by my family and family friends dancing to the oh so unique sound that only Motown could produce. This song is new to me, but the Motown sound isn't. This generation has a lot to learn about the spell-binding mystique of music, and how it can transform the way you look, see and feel about any given situation. Yester-year..!

kyle bailey

This womans voice is one for the ages and in this song shes really holding back if she wanted to she could give alot more butt thats what real singers can do control their voice tone at a level. today its all electronics.

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